What I’ve learnt

Last year I’ve won a Google Scholarship from Java. I decided to complete it during my free time. I have been doing the course for a month now and my blog has started today so I will only list all the things I have learnt recently.

First of all they explained few important definitions and how the views work, later a XML course. We’ve learnt how to use TextView, ImageView, how works wrapping the content.

Second part of course was oriented at layout building. They shown us how to create simply mobile layouts like Google Clanedar or Google Play apps.
I’ve learnt about LinearLayout and RelativeLayout, parent match, layout weight, padding and margin.

Now I’m on the practice set part of course. There are few interesting tools for beginning developers which I would link this here but I’m afraid that it would break the license of the course. Actually Google indexes it within searching results so click.
This tool will help you understand the basics without installing reccommended by Google – Android Studio.

What I’m going to learn during the following week? Working with text and positioning it for sure. What’s more I will code my first project which will help you design simply birthday cards.

//Maybe I will set someting like progress bar or to-do list on my blog, will see, it would be really helpful.


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